Pitbull Persuasive Speech

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Imagine going to a animal shelter and all there is is pitbulls and you heard all of the bad things about them so you decide not to get one but instead leave and then driving down the road you see a lady with a pit bull and its playing with a bunch of kids but you don't like it and you think that people shouldn't own pit bulls well i think people should be able to own them. If you have an imagine of a evil vicious killer when you hear pit bull then you haven't met a real pitbull the ones they call killers are brainwashed to be like that. They were made to fight but all of the pitbulls i have been around are all super friendly and nice and wouldn't hurt anyone unless they were protecting them. The ones you hear about are tortured and beaten and never shown any love at all sometimes they get put into fights then forgotten about left to die in someone's backyard stuck to a chain. It's the hard truth but how much better would it be if you adopted that pitbull puppy and gave it the love it needs so it won't end up like the mean ones you see. Because the way i see it, it's not…show more content…
If there is more back there and next time you go to a animal shelter or a pet shop and you see that pitbull give it a chance at a better life because you wouldn't want you kid to live that life would you. So why let them live like that it's not fair so all i ask is give them a chance you never know you might find your next best friend. I mean i understand that everyone has a bad experience with dogs but not all of them are bad. Some of them yes but you can't think all dogs are bad because of one dog you met in your life. So when you see a homeless dog give it a chance and be nice to it. I just have one question for you to think about now that you read my essay. Do you think that people should be able to own pitbulls still based of the
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