Pitbull Rehabilitation Research Paper

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Rehabilitation has become the best treatment for many of these once trained aggressive dogs. The ASPCA has been working extremely hard examining and treating rescued pit bulls. Many of these animals come from a long life of neglect and fighting. Most are believed to have been abused since 10 weeks old. This organization has came across many fighting raids and never once experienced a dog aggressive towards humans but mostly towards other animals. In many of these cases, dogs are rehabilitated to once again be able to live in a loving home environment. This process begins with teaching pit bulls to be non aggressive towards other animals. It can oftentimes be difficult to find homes for these dogs if they cannot lessen this type of aggression. The overall rehabilitation process is lengthy but being able to turn the tables for these animals is an amazing outcome (“Edgemon”). Michael Vick’s once aggressive pit bulls are now being put up for adoption after going through extensive rehab. Cherry, a black pit bull once trained to fight…show more content…
What is failed to be mentioned is how the history of the pit bull breed attracts the illegal act of dog fighting and the people involved in this act. This illegal activity eventually leads to animal abuse and neglect through the hands of unfit dog owners. Oftentimes the media focuses on the bad side of pit bulls without providing background history on these animals. They also fail to explain the extensive rehabilitation that these animals go through to one day be able to live in a loving home environment. Although this process may be rigorous but the people dedicated into helping these animals are making a huge difference in not only their reputation but their unseen future. There are many ways to help the overall reputation of pit bulls but someone has to take a stand and make a difference in these animals

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