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There are over 330 breeds of dogs in America to choose from for household pets. Many people do not choose an
American Staffordshire, commonly known as pitbulls, for a house pet due to the way social media portrays them. Three years ago, I was sick and throwing up which resulted in me passing out. My pitbull, Gracie, noticed something was wrong, so she woke my mom up to come check on me and there she found me seizing. If Gracie would not have woke my mom I would not have made it to the doctor until someone would have found me the next morning. Most people do not know pitbull is not a breed, but a generic term utilized to describe dogs with similar traits and the name “pitbull” originated from England. Some of these dogs include American pitbull Terriers, American Staffordshire, and English Bulldogs and they all tend to have unfair stereotypes such as they are vicious and only bread for fighting. These stereotypes cause pitbulls to be one of the most misunderstood types dogs in America. Centuries ago in England, dogs such as American Staffordshire and English
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They are loving and caring just like any other small fluffy pet, they are just bigger in size. Pits are even used for service animals. Enos, a times writer, informed people that,“pitbulls help locate missing children and lost dementia patients. They are seizure watchdogs, diabetic alert dogs, comfort nursing home residents”(“The Problem with people”). Pitbulls are prohibited in certain areas such as apartment complexes and even cities, so people with a pitbull as their service dog cannot go to these certain areas. If the United States banned pitbulls nationwide people would also lose their service dogs. Bernthal communicates in his web article that, "just like us, dogs deserve to be treated as individuals. Laws that discriminate based on breed unfairly target not only dogs but also the innocent families who love and care for them"(“The
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