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Are pit bulls dangerous dogs or are they just stereotyped? When comparing all breeds of dog, pit bulls are a good choice for a family dog in spite of the common misconception about their aggressive and unpredictable behavior. Pit bulls are known for a reputation of being vicious and aggressive, but really pit bulls aren’t any more or less dangerous than other breeds. These misconceptions are usually a result of people being uneducated about pit bulls. The news gives a lot of false information about pit bulls such as: pit bulls are unpredictable and are more likely to bite, they will attack sooner or later, and pit bulls have locking jaws. These statements are all fiction. When the American Temperament Testing Society took a study of 122 breeds, …show more content…

They will naturally be protective of their beloved owners, but since they are like people so much they do not make good guard dogs unless you want them to lick the intruder to death. ("About Pit bulls."). Pit bulls are a very popular breed, if you go to a dog park, you will see many pit bulls playing friendly with the other dogs. In fact, many pitbull owners have never had to break up a fight between their pup and another dog. ("About Pitbulls." ). The only stories about pit bulls that make the news are about attacks. But what about the good things they do? A common unknown fact about pit bulls are they are easy to train. They want to please their owners. Pitbulls are very sensitive to human feelings so they respond to virtual commands very well ("The Misunderstood Pit Bull!"). A pit bull named Booger saved his owner, Bernann McKinney, when another dog three times his size attacked her. She had to be in a wheelchair after the accident because of nerve damage, so Booger learned how to push her wheelchair. He also opened the door with his mouth and took her shoes and socks off for her. He did all of this without being taught. When her beloved dog died, she missed him so much that she had him cloned. Six puppies were born. She kept three of the puppies and donated the rest to work as service dogs for the handicapped and …show more content…

But so are every breed. Pitbulls aren’t even at the top of the list for most likely to bite. Pomeranians are, but Pomeranians aren’t thought to be aggressive or scary because of how small they are, but Pomeranians were bred as guard dogs ("The Truth about Pitbull Aggression.”). Dobermans, Great Dane, and german shepherds are also all breeds who bite more preferentially than pit bulls. A Labrador retriever attacked a woman so badly that she needed a face transplant and there are always one or two deaths caused by huskies every year but no one has tried to ban either of those breeds. Many states started trying to ban pit bulls around 1988. Kent Salazar says, “We have all the means to protect people with clauses about vicious dogs.” He also said that Doberman pinschers were the target of such bans. But everything he said didn’t matter. New Mexico passed the ban, which allowed animal control to seize and kill any pit bull on site ("How Did Pit

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