Pitbulls Should Be Banned Essay

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There is a lot of stigma around Pit Bulls being unsafe pets. The truth is, pit bulls can be just as safe as any other dog. Pitbulls make great guard dogs and will stay loyal to you no matter what. People should be allowed to keep pitbull dogs because, they make good guard dogs, they are no different from any other dog, and they are easy to train.
Pitbulls are primarily seen as fighting dogs. But that is not the case every time. The pit bulls who exhibit aggressive behavior are raised to do so. The way you raise a pitbull ultimately affects the dog's behaviour in the future. For example, if you raise a pitbull by beating it all of the time it is probably going to have a chronic sense of fear and might hurt someone in the future. But on the
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Before the mid-80s, stories of pit bull assaults are basically non-existent. There is even some confusion over exactly which type of dog is a pit bull. Pitbulls are frequently targeted as a dangerous breed because of a stereotype that all pit bulls are violent. This causes pitbulls to be singled out and even banned in some countries.
Pitbulls are one of the easiest dogs to train. The character traits of your average American pitbull are affectionate, strong willed, clownish, loyal, and obedient. Of course those characteristics vary depending on the canine but that goes for every dog. If you raise a pitbull the right way it will stay by your side and protect you in your family. That quality makes pitbulls an ideal family pet.
Pitbulls tend to be singled out as a dangerous dog or pet. But pit bulls can actually have a protective purpose. These wrongfully infamous dogs can be a perfect family member. Pitbulls are easy to train, they make good guard dogs, and they are no different from any other dog. People should be allowed to keep pit bulls as pets or family members.There are numerous stories where pit bulls are the heros, also, there are many families where their pet pitbull is their favorite
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