Pitbulls Should Be Banned

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How do you feel about dogs? Millions of people around the world enjoy dogs. In fact, there are 32 million dog owners in Africa, The Americas, and Asia,and Europe. In the U.S, the pitbull is the most popular breed of dogs, or it was. In 1989, a little girl named Melissa was attacked by a pitbull. The girl’s neighbor pet pit bull had escaped from the house, and was sitting on their driveway when they arrived at home and got out the car, the dog attacked Melissa, causing her to have many surgeries. Afterwards, Miami-Dade County released a ban on all pitbulls, then nearly the entire state of Florida. Now, 700 cities in 40 states have a ban on pitbulls.

People should be aloud to keep pit bulls as pets in all states. They only attack people because
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