Pitch Control System

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This paper exhibits a comparative the time response specification performance between PID and fuzzy logic controller of pitch control of an aircraft system.
The dynamic modeling of pitch control system is considered on the PID and fuzzy logic controller, they are used to control the pitch angle, and we start with a mathematical model to describe the dynamics of an aircraft.
The performances of pitch control systems are investigated and analyzed based by using step’s response in order to identify which control strategy delivers better performance with respect to the desired pitch angle.
Finial we produced simulation models for pitch control system using matlab Simulink compared the performance of fuzzy and PID controller. to
They are three
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A pitch angle is the angle between the longitual axis and the horizontal plane also called inclination angle .
The researches for controlling of the pitch of an aircraft is worked for the purpose that produced flight stability
Any Aircraft will rotate about its center of gravity, and the orientation of the aircraft describe by the amount of rotation of the parts of the aircraft along the principal axes.
The pitch axis is perpendicular to the aircraft centerline and lies in the plane of the wings. A pitch motion is an up or down movement of the nose of the aircraft
Artificial Intelligence is an attempt to replace human intelligence with machine intelligent.
The intelligent controllers such as fuzzy logic controller have been used in various applications including in the pitch control. The main purpose of this paper is to comber the performance the controlling of pitch angle of an aircraft by using PID and fuzzy logic controllers.
Finally the simulation of controlling of pitch angle is produced by using matlab simulink.

Modeling of a n aircraft
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≡ Derivative gain..
Fuzzy logic controller:
Fuzzy controller consists of an input stage, a processing stage, and an output stage. The input stage consists of sensors or switches or any other inputs. The processing stage consists of appropriate rules and it generated a result for each rule. The output stage converts the combined result of rules back into a specific control output value. the processing stage is based on a collection of logic rules in the form of IF-THEN statements.
In fuzzy logic we used some of shapes with the membership functions and the most common shape is the triangular membership function shape.

Design of the fuzzy logic controller
For pitch of an aircraft control system, the inputs are the difference between the point of pitch angle (error) and the change of this different(change of error) The output is the pitch angle.
The fuzzy sets used for inputs and output are PB (positive Big), PS (Positive Small), Zo (Zero), NS (Negative Small), and NB (Negative big).
The membership functions of inputs and output are shown in fig (4) and. The Triangular membership function is used in this system to

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