Pitle Dead In Piilate's Song Of Solomon Pilate

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Pilate Dead is the sister of Macon Jr. and the Aunt of Milkman. Throughout Song of Solomon Pilate is shown as being a down to earth and caring woman who is righteous in her actions and in her beliefs. Following the death of their father, Pilate and Macon chose to “continue” the legacy of their father in drastically different ways, Macon chose to honor his father by striving to accumulate money, this would lead to a horrible disconnect between him and his wife and son. Whereas Pilate honors her father by being a down to earth woman, who wants to continue her father’s legacy of love and wholesome values. Pilate’s name is also ironic in a biblical sense and a literal sense. Pilate’s name is biblically ironic as she is in similar and different
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