Pitting Edema Research Paper

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Pitting Edema Pregnancy

Edema is swelling from excess fluid being trapped in your body 's tissues, and swelling of the legs, ankles and feet can be severe enough to leave an indentation (pit), when you press on the area. If after pressing the area causes an indentation that stays for some time after releasing, the edema is then referred to as a pitting edema. A pitting edema pregnancy can affect any part of your body, but it 's most commonly noticed in the feet, ankles, legs, arms, and hands.
Is Pitting Edema Pregnancy Normal?
During pregnancy, body fluids increase to nurture both you and your baby, and accumulate in your tissues. Normal swelling is experienced in the legs, ankles, hands, face, and feet. This retention of fluid is needed as the baby develops. The expanding uterus also causes pressure on the pelvic vein located on the right side of your body that returns blood from your lower limbs to the heart
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Blood Pooling
Pregnancy and swelling often go hand in hand. During pregnancy, the volume of fluid and blood circulating in your body increases dramatically. For that reason your small blood vessels are more likely to leak fluid into the nearby tissue which is the root cause of pitting edema. As a result of fluid accumulation, you will notice swelling of the tissue, most often in your extremities and face.

Increased Blood Pressure
As your baby grows and develops during the course of pregnancy, the expansion of the uterus can put a lot of pressure on the vena cava, which is a major blood vessel that performs the important function of returning blood from the legs to the heart. This additional pressure could cause your legs to swell.
High Blood Pressure
Water retention and swelling of the legs usually takes place in people who are suffering from high blood pressure. Since this condition can be a major cause for concern in pregnancy, you need to get your blood pressure checked on a regular basis, especially in case you notice swelling in your legs.
Low Salt
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