Pittock Mansion Haunting

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The Haunting of Pittock Mansion
I’m a great believer in the paranormal and I can tell you that there is nothing spookier than a real honest to life ghost story. At present the Pittock Mansion is a museum which is located on a 46 acre estate that sits atop of a mountain overlooking Portland, Oregon. The mansion was built of sandstone in 1914 and it has 22 rooms.
The story begins with Henry Pittock who at 19 joined up with a wagon train in 1853 and took a journey that started in Pennsylvania and ended in Portland, Oregon. Once Henry arrived he got himself a job at Thomas Jefferson Dryer’s Weekly Oregonian Newspaper and by the time he turned 26 he had purchased the Oregonian newspaper. He made it into a daily paper, married the girl that he loved Georgiana Burton who came from Missouri with her family.
The Pittock’s became the pillars of the community, live in Portland
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They lived there until the time of their death. Georgiana died in 1819 and Henry in 1831. The remaining Pittock family lived in the mansion until the 1950s. In 1964 restoration was done by the city of Portland and the Pittock Mansion Museum opened its doors to the public in 1965. It was sad indeed that Henry and Georgiana only had a short time to enjoy their wonderful home before they departed this world. The story of the haunting begins on the grounds of the Pittock Mansion. People have said that they could hear the sounds of someone walking around the yard in heavy boot and then coming into the side door. It is possible that some people have seen this entity because it has been said that he is the gardener.
All of the museum staff and even visitors have seen the happy couple Henry and Georgiana. Their footsteps have been heard in the hallways, coming out of rooms and on the ground floor. Windows have a habit of opening and closing by themselves, items move about the mansion as if they had a force of their
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