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The Pittsburgh steelers has a lot of history behind it, from the uniforms logo and even the name.The Steelers are owned by a man by the name of Art Rooney who bought the franchise in 1933 for 2 thousand 500 dollors. Since they were found in 1933 they are the 5th oldest franchise in the NFL.

Since the Pittsburgh has the steel mark and iron institute they gave a suggestion to Art Rooney about the logos ( Injury-report .com). But since Art Rooney no name for the franchise that he bought he named it after his faviarote baseball team the Pittsburgh PIrates (steelers.com). The Steelers were bought in 1933 which making them the fifth oldest franchise in the NFL (steelershistory.com). Have any of you heard of the lengendary number
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For example when the Steelers first made the playoffs Rooney wanted to do something special for it, he changed the gold helmets to solid black the helmets we see today (steelers history.com) Very sadly the Steelers got rid of the bumblebee uniforms the Steelers are considering using the 1966-67 uniforms has the throwbacks (steelers.com). Honestly the jerseys were ugly but they helped us win a lot of games.Also with the the black and gold uniforms has backstory behind it. The Steelers and Eagles merged to make the Steagles and has a result with the black and gold uniforms we have today (steelers history). This was intresting fact because not a lot of Steelers fans that grew up in the 21st centrey do not know this. A lot of great ideas for TEam names and logos even uniforms were in the 1960s and still kept to this day, like with helmets, name ,logo and…show more content…
The Steelers would come 5th or 6th every year in the east division, only being 2 divisions in the NFL, and also being the AFL for some reason two seperate things back then with 2 seperate superbowls (pro football reference). The first time the Steelers were the playoffs was on January 6 1963, they lost to the detroit lions 17-10 and have not made another apperence until 1972, thats 9 years. In the 1960s the Pittsburgh Steelers were not the six time superbowl champions we know today. Side note we would be seven time superbowl champions if it was not for the Patriots. Also the Steelers would always have a recrod of 5-6 or 4-7 or even 6-5 not the amazing considering how great they are now.
(pro football reference.com.)

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