Pixar And Disney's Contribution To The Film Industry

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Pixar Studios founded in 1979 is universally recognized as one being at the forefront of 3D computer animated films and has to date won 27 Academy awards for its contributions to the Film industry. The origins of the company can be linked to the frustrations of the founding members Steve Jobs, Bob Lasserter and Ed Catmull who whilst all exceptionally talented in their fields found the culture of the organisations they worked for limiting. Closely linked with Disney both studios have striven for the same ideals of technological advancement and creative story telling. Disney produced the first sound and colour in animation and Pixars studios pioneered the use of groundbreaking computer technology and unique storylines. Pixar has differed from Disney in that it has tried to create and maintain core values that concentrate not on traditional company goals such as profit, but on a program of employee creativity and self-efficacy to reach its goals. Pixar tries to learn from when Disney was recognized as losing its way by resisting quick profit fixes such as sequels and straight to DVD releases. (Catmull and Wallace, 2014 p146) In 2005 Disney’s Chief Executive Bob Iger recognized “it occurred to me that the only classic characters that had been created in the past ten years were Pixar characters” (Catmull and Wallace, 2014. p246) After Pixar and Disney merged both studios still remain distinct entities and following some of the practices of Pixar have been credited with Disney’s

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