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POWER-INTEREST MATRIX This tool can be used to analyze the key stakeholders of an organization. This tool helps to categorize the people who have power or influence over your work/company. Some of the stakeholders may have the power either to block or advance. Therefore this tool can be used in identifying the main 3 largest target markets of Pizza Hut Sri Lanka. Pizza hut targets quite a number of groups such as; kids, Teenagers, Young adults, young professionals, families with young kids, consumers with busy life styles, college students, low/middle/high income families etc. however as per the request of the Marketing Manager of Pizza Hut Sri Lanka, we adopted, 1. Families with young kids 2. Teenagers 3. Consumers with busy life styles…show more content…
Based on Pizza Hut, the hierarchy is being used to categorize their customers based on their purchasing power, spending power and dining frequency. Therefore Families with young kids could be found on top of the hierarchy, as Pizza Hut made its foremost entry to Sri Lanka with the perception of a “Family dine in restaurant”. (Hierarchy of the group standings as per Pizza Hut) Customer Group Retention Competitors Families with young kids • Launches family meal promotions quite frequently. • Employees taking care of the kids while parents dine. • Pizza Hut bestows free gifts for kids. It creates a huge impact amongst the young kids where as they could influence their parents on re-visiting the restaurant. • A special discount for frequent family diners. • Delivers products value for money. • Special promotion for children’s regarding the “ Worlds Children’s Day” • Special promotions for kids • One to one free promotions • Teenagers • Launches promotions vastly. • Offers special discounts & loyalty points for the most active individual on social…show more content…
Therefore Pizza Hut Sri Lanka takes its CSR efforts very seriously and has conducted many community level projects in regard. Therefore following are some of the CSR initiatives of Pizza Hut Sri Lanka. 1. World hunger relief (WHR) This is the main CSR activity currently undergoing by YUM! Brands. Which approximately feeds over millions of hungry children across the globe in a year. 2. Local farmers Pizza Hut keeping over 5200 local farmers at work and Obtains necessary vegetables, fruits, meat etc. from local farmers for production to put healthier food on their consumer’s plates. 3. Saving trees Pizza Hut Sri Lanka is planning on reducing their usage on paper boxers that could approximately save over 8 tons of paper annually. 4. Pre-school • Reconstruction of a local school in “Pathinigama” to accommodate the local farmers children. • Newly constructed fence at “Babarakanda junior school” to prevent kids from running in to main road. 5. Drinking Water Pizza Hut Sri Lanka initiated a drinking water project with the collaboration of the local National Water Supply & Drainage Board and the villagers to provide dinking water to the area

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