Pizza Hut Case Study

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Frank and Dan Carney brothers started to operate the first Pizza Hut restaurant on June 15, 1958 in Wichita. They were approached by an owner of a building who wanted to start a nice neighbourhood business. Besides that, they had read an article about pizza. To start their business, Carneys borrowed $600 from their mother, hired John Bender who is an airman of McConnell Air Force Base that worked as a pizza cook. They also purchased a lot of second-hand equipment and were ready to start their operation. They free their pizza to customers that have interest potential in the first night.
Pizza Hut got its name when Carneys were refurbishing and setting up their first Pizza restaurant. They found that the building has a sign with spaces for nine characters. At first, they wanted to put "pizza" in the spaces and therefore left the name for a full word with only three characters left. Due to the building looked like a hut, hence a family member of them had suggested to put “hut” behind the word “pizza”. Hence, Pizza Hut was born.
After a year, in 1959, Pizza Hut was incorporated. The franchise unit of Pizza Hut was first opened in Topeka, Kansas. After few years, the first Pizza Hut television commercial “Putt-Putt to Pizza Hut” musical jingle is developed. In year 1967, at the Oklahoma State Fair, a pizza Hut restaurant was started operation in 5 days by franchisees. A six feet in diameter pizza isbaked and served on the grand opening of the Fort Worth, Texas

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