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Pizza Hut was existing since 50 years ago. It was founded in 15 June 1958 by Frank and Dan Carney which both of them are brothers from Wichita, Kansas. They had been approached by the owner of a small building who wanted a nice neighborhood business, and had read the Post’s article about pizza.The Carneys borrowed $600 from their mother, located John Bender, an airman from McConnell Air Force Base who had worked as a pizza cook, purchased some equipment.The equipment was all second hand and furnishings of the restaurant.(The History of Pizza Hut,n.d.) Frank and Dan Carney hit a bull's eye in 1958 when they opened their first pizza restaurant, which they called “Pizza Hut”, referring to the rather inconspicuous building.Today, there are more…show more content…
3 signed the first Franchise Agreement. For a fee, he would have the right to use the Pizza Hut name and ‘secret’ recipes. He also would receive management assistance from the Carneys.(Assignment on Pizza Hut Bangladesh Limited ,2013)Pizza had grew on the strength of aggressive marketing of the pizza restaurant idea in the early 1960s. After that, Carney brothers had bought out the interest held by Bender and then Robert Chisholm joined the company as treasurer in 1962. When number of Pizza Hut franchisee units had grown to 145, they had established a home office to coordinate the businesses from Wichita in 1966. The first Pizza franchise was opened in Canada after two years. This was followed by the establishment of the International Pizza Hut Franchise Holders Association. The association aimed to acquire 40 percent of the company’s franchise operations, 120 stores and adding them to the 6 outlets entirely owned by Pizza Hut. However, the acquisitions brought turmoil to the chain. Various accounting systems used by previous franchise owners had to combine into an operating system, a process that took 8 months to accomplish. Meanwhile, sales flattened and profits tumbled.(Pizza Hut Malaysia…show more content…
Pizza Hut is still maintaining its brand image and it is losing the turnover that it can generate by being present in downtown. Also, the customers are not satisfied with same old flavour of pizza and they are much more interest in wider range of pizzas. One of the biggest treats would be there are getting more different pizza’s franchisee such as Dominos and Papa John. They had become the biggest competitor of Pizza Hut whereby they get to provide new variety flavour of pizzas that Pizza Hut do not have. Furthermore, Dominos is present in most places where Pizza hut is not. However, the best opportunities for pizza hut is invent on new flavour of pizzas and other Italian food. At Domino’s, we make great pizza. Our VISION is to “Be The Number One Pizza Company In The World And In Every Neighbourhood”. We will do this by living and breathing our PURPOSE of “Feeding The Power Of the Possible One Pizza At A Time”.(Domino's,n.d) Papa John’s Pizza is a well-established International franchise restaurant chain from USA and it is the 3rd largest pizza company in the world. Papa John’s international was found by John Schnatter in 1983. From day one, John believed he could make a better traditional pizza by using fresh dough and superior-quality ingredients.At Papa John’s we believe in making better traditional pizza by using fresh, never frozen dough that had been given the proper time to work

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