Pizza Hut: A Case Study

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Pizza Hut
Appropriate product choice
The chosen product for this campaign will be the Star Edge Pizza (as shown below) from Pizza Hut Korea. Unlike the standard pizza flavours found in Pizza Hut (such as Pepperoni, and Hawaiian), the Star Edge Pizza can only be found in South Korea. Launched in October 2014, this pizza consists of toppings ranging from shrimp and calamari to bacon and steak. It even includes “a crust that is folded into little turnovers filled with either cranberry and cream cheese or cinnamon apple nut and cream cheese.” (Brand Eating, 2014). This exclusive Korean pizza will be marketed to the selected country of Indonesia.

Justification of country choice
The reason why Indonesia is chosen is because of the increasing popularity
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Looking at the Figure 1.1, the pyramid illustrates the growing youth population in Indonesia, with a median age of 29.2 (Central Intelligence Agency, 2015). Coincidentally, this number corresponds with the Hallyu fans’ age group, where majority are in the 20s and 30s (Figure 1.2). Hence, the young Indonesian consumers should be the potential customers of Pizza Hut’s Star Edge Pizza.

In addition, Indonesia has a rising trend of middle class individuals, which means they are less sensitive to pricing and are more willing to spend. Pizza Hut can also focus on targeting this group of people as they have been the main contributors to the food industry. “The food sector currently remains the biggest sector benefiting from Indonesia’s rising middle class consumption spending…” (Hsien, 2013, p.
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This trend is due to the rapid urbanization faced in Indonesia. “Increased urbanisation has created new jobs and raised labour productivity, leading to rising per capita income and economic growth.” (Hsien, 2013, p. 5). Urbanization has also brought about changing lifestyles among Indonesians. People there are more welcoming of cultures from other countries, and are willing to embrace them. For instance, increased consumption of Korean lifestyle has led people to dress and behave like

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