Pizza Hut Pasta Case Study

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Pasta Pizza Hut Pasta have been an accompaniment to the popular Pizza Hut became the registered trademark since the conception of the pasta making in addition in Pizza Hut restaurant (Pizza Hut, 2015) and also doing business under the name of Yum! Brands, Inc. Total sales for the company in 2010 reached 11 billion US dollars. The ingredients that go into the Pizza Hut Pastas are as seen in Figure below. Figure Ingredients of Pizza Hut Pasta Making Pasta Ingredients Supplier Whole wheat rotini Durum Whole Grain wheat semolina Gluten Niacin Ferrous Sulphate (Iron) Thiamine Mononitrate (B1) Riboflavin (B2) Folic Acid. Cold Storage/Unilever Pastas (Fussili/ Rotini/ Fettuccine/ Penne / Spaghetti): Durum semolina Niacin Ferrous Sulphate (Iron)…show more content…
Additionally Cold Storage also provides Pizza Hut with another essential ingredient, additives and chemical mixes for flavourings for pasta and tri-fold lasagna from Unilever products and wheat products that transports from Cold Storage with good quality of wheat that distributed off from Cold Storage Kuching outlet. Other key suppliers of ingredients would be the cheese imported from Singapore that manufactured from Goldfern Trade Investments that services in shipping the pasteurized cheeses to West Malaysia and to the Kuching Sea Port, where it is held in dry storage (as these are non-perishable goods) (Dairy Products, 2015). From the Sea Port storage facilities the input materials are transferred via trucks to the Distributor Choon Hua Food Products Sdn. Bhd. which is located at Jalan Perbedanan at the Pending Industrial Estate (Yellow Pages 2012). Depending on orders by individual branch managers conveyed by on…show more content…
Whereby this holdings are trust brands that issue huge caliber as its vegetable commissary is the largest in Malaysia to provide accessing into the requirement that meets. The consumption of packaging for pizzas or pastas have implying few weaknesses in compilation of these products which in consuming how much plastic containers in storing dough and pastas’ raw materials in certain temperature control, storage for such in America where mainly kept excessive materials to be kept under seize for donation as the association that to give out excessive food to the homeless at the center and nothing goes to waste where at the certain continent do not apply such integrity (Food Waste Reduction Alliance, 2013) Eventuality would bring the option to adopt this packaging in Kuching, Malaysia in which case greater benefits would be reaped from this

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