Pizza Hut Reflection

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On my third week and fourth week of training, there are many tasks I have accomplished. We continued gathering and encoding Pizza Hut competitors’ information and sorting it according to region and island. Consequently, we repeated working on Mcdonald’s branches because less than 200 branches only were found in Mcdonald’s facebook page and in Based on our research across the internet, there are about more than 500 stores in the Philippines, therefore, we tried to search using Google Maps. Fortunately, we found many stores, however, it took us too long to finish it, because we need to search per province to see all the stores. After encoding all the Mcdonald’s branch name and its address, we compared the three sources namely, Facebook, Munchpunch, and Google Maps and removed all the duplicates of each branch. While my co-OJTs were still working on encoding competitor’s information, I was tasked on gathering marketing activities of Pizza Hut major competitors. Accordingly, I browsed their facebook pages and websites, and collect all the activities for the month of February. The information collected includes, name of the new product, new promotions, prices, new branch stores, and launched date and I compiled it in a powerpoint presentation. Moreover, I was assigned on checking and encoding transmittal forms and supplier invoices. Further, I was appointed on securing copy of all documents such as the agency and supplier invoices, certificate of performances,

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