Pizza Market Analysis

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Product A new and innovative offering for Armenia market: fresh pizza to bake at home. The company will focus on innovations in this field offering direct broadcasting from kitchens and advanced website/mobile app to follow the product through the entire supply chain. Moreover, customers will have the opportunity to develop their pizzas from various offered ingredients. Pizza market globally Pizza is a relatively old form of fast food emerged in Italy somewhere in the 18th century that penetrated into the global market at the beginning of 20th century. Market is characterized by: Trends Though demand for fast food decreases due to increase in health consciences and observable pattern toward healthy eating, the appetite for pizza increases.…show more content…
Absence of direct competitors opens huge opportunities for the company. Competition There are no direct competitors for the product. Somewhat direct competitors are firms offering frozen pizza but these are not highly popular and branded in the country. Another competitor is premade pizza dough but according to the assumption, customers cannot get the same quality as offered by the company through this product. Indirect competitors Major indirect competitors are pizza restaurants like Tashir Pizza and Pizza Hut. These places offer comparable quality in addition to well-designed and equipment eating place and direct customer friendly service. However, restaurants will charge higher prices and also not everyone enjoys going out for eating. Mission Statement We deliver premium food, make our customers mindful of the quality and empower them to express themselves because "You are what you eat". Value…show more content…
Continues broadcasting from kitchens will be evident to the quality empowering customers to follow how their meal is prepared, evaluate cleanliness and tidiness of the kitchen and cooks. The various combinations of doughs and toppings with large assortment of chess all will create the unique and inimitable taste of Queen Pizza, adding value to the fellow customers. Customers are encouraged to come up with their receipts for pizzas through the interactive website; they can place their customized orders and pick them from the company or one of the grocery stores. 24 hours operating customer service center specialists will answer to all the concerns relating the product and the company, trying their best to fulfill every single demand or to realize suggestions if there are some. Queen Pizza will offer the lowest possible price for its products staying faithful to declared goals. The product will be easy to use requiring only to unpackage it and bake a couple of minutes in the traditional home oven. There are no any complications in these process which ensure least personal involvement and time

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