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As we venture into the high mountains, elephants and varied activities we notice the smallest details of a place. Mae Hong Son is full of leisure in every corner. If you love photography then the right place for you would be at a viewpoint. Here your pictures would come out terrific and your holiday memories will be captured to keep forever. Mae Hong Son has a tropical climate with a dry and warm winter. Phuket is the classic destination for mountainous views. Mae Hong Son should be visited during November to February when the beautiful destination is the coolest and the most delightful. The only problem with going at that time is that the nights are very chilly. The rainy season is from about June to October. The monsoon has a beautiful view. The hot season is from February to May. Attractions - Wat Phra That Doi Kong Mu - A half-hour trek to see the top of Doi Kong Mu, two massive burmese-style lion statues are right in front of you at the top of the overgrown staircase. It is a respectable temple. It is located in Doi Kong Mu, it is 3 kilometers from the west of Mae Hong Son. In that beautiful location there are 4 more interesting attractions. There are 2 Phra That Chedis. One is the big one and one is the small one. There is also The Viharn of Wat Phra That Doi Kong Mu and a viewpoint. The viewpoint has a lovely and calm view. The scenery is enchanting and it makes your trip a glorious one. Pai - This is a mesmerizing town loved by tourists because of it’s engaging

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