Placenta Encapsulation Case Study

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1. What was the catalyst that drove you to begin this line of work?
a. I first learned about placenta encapsulation while I was training to become a labor doula. Initially, the idea of it grossed me out to be honest! But the more I learned about it, what it can do for women, it’s benefits, I came to really appreciate it.
b. The more I thought about it, about how it could’ve changed the postpartum period of some of my closest family members. How incredibly INSANE I felt after my son was born and how placenta encapsulation could’ve helped me, I decided this was a service I wanted to be able to provide my clients as a way to continue our relationship and be able to serve them in their postpartum period as well.
2. So many people are becoming familiar with placenta
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It’s because there have been many sad and often disturbing stories of mishandling and downright unethical behavior surrounding encapsulation.

Concierge Doulas of South Florida strives to provide more than just a product but a product held to the highest quality standards. We’ve chosen to elevate the standard around placenta encapsulation and for that reason that we only encapsulate in our clients homes.

This minimizes their exposure to foreign germs and pathogens. Ensures they’re 100% aware of the chain of custody of their placenta, meaning they know who had it at all times, where it went, and who processed it. You witness the cleanliness standards first hand, see the equipment being used is in top notch condition, and can ask any questions you may have on the spot.

So that being said, OUR process of encapsulation looks like this:
We provide a transportation kit based on WHO guidelines and care handling instructions. Once the placenta has been transported to the client’s home and we’ve been called we come to our client’s home within 12-24 hours to begin.
a. Day One – We meet you or whomever our client has chosen at our client’s
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