Places Of Interest In Mauritius: Places Of Interest In Mauritius

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Places of interest in Mauritius Mauritius is a small island found in the Indian Ocean. The island is known as the paradise island. The second name reflect of how the island actually is. It is full of heavenly natural or man-made tourist attractions. Mauritius is famous for its beaches, lagoons and reefs, resort & spa and mountainous interior. There are other historical sites such as the Eureka plantation house and the botanical garden. Mauritius is a nice place where you easily communicate with the local people. It is a friendly and a multi-culture island. A mixture of colour is what makes the beauty of the island. Must places to visit in Mauritius Chamarel The chamarel is an amazing place to visit. There are seven coloured soil at chamarel. Contemplate the beauty of Mauritius in a day. The chamarel is found in the south-west of the island. You may have to walk for hours, but once you get at the top you will be satisfied. You get to see the seven coloured earth. Standing at the top, there are breath-taking views. You may take amazing pictures. You are strictly not allowed to take any of the coloured earth while passing-by. Visitors may buy the seven coloured earth at the entry. The sand is sold in a small tube. The seven coloured is when basaltic lava transduces the clay mineral into shades of red, blue, purples, violent, green, yellow, and brown. The chamarel is a must visited place. Casela The casela is an adventurous park meanwhile a Bird park. The casela have 150

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