The Importance Of World War I And The Holocaust In Germany

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The course, European studies in Europe, stands out to be a special chance for me to expose myself to the real environment of Europe, especially Germany, where I spent ten days and visited three significant cities with their own distinguishing characteristics: Berlin, Dresden, and Munich. Compared with Dresden with its relics reflecting German outstanding achievement in ancient time, and Munich representing the re-establishment of German pride after the long twentieth Century, exemplified by the spectacular Olympiaturm and BMW-Welt, Berlin left the deepest impression on me for the strong presence of historical remains of the World War and Holocaust, together with the modern architectures, forming an incredible juxtaposition of different but important moments of German history and pointing out the significance of this particular historic era in forming modern German national identity. Thus, focusing on the sights and sounds in…show more content…
Germans show enough seriousness, emphasis and remorse to the Holocaust, by preserving lots of places of memory, including Sachsenhausen, Topography of Terror, Checkpoint Charlie, and Berlin Wall as the reminder of traumatic memories. Built on the original site and keeping most of structures including bathrooms, kitchens and bedrooms, Sachsenhausen nowadays has been transformed from the notorious Nazi concentration camp to a free-admission memorial to the Holocaust, functioning effectively to arouse visitors’ reflection and remorse. Informed by the

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