Plagiarism: Comming And Cheating In The Classroom

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Technology has gotten so high tech in this past generation that it is affected the ways students cheat. Students have started to lose their sense of morals and ethics that is causing them not to care that they are cheating. The fact is plagiarism is getting worse and worse because cell phones are an immediate access to find the information they need. Plagiarism is more than just academic, legal, political, and social debate. Saha states that people rely on “copy and paste” when it comes down to plagiarizing and being lazy in this society(2377). The idea of coping and pasting is getting rid of your original ideas and trying to steal someone else 's because you believe that theirs are better or just because you don’t care enough to do your own work. These habits that are being started is not just unethical, it is also illegal to plagiarize another author 's words. Another issue that supports coping and pasting is the Copyright Act. Plagiarism is more than just cheating in the classroom because you 're just lazy or whatever the reason may be. Saha explains that copyright is a “infringement of the intellectual property rights(IPR) of the original author”(2375) and it is an issue that needs to be handled at a higher level than it has been. Having a Copyright Act has provided protection to the original author so that plagiarists can stop getting away with using other peoples work for their own. The only issue is that not all countries are on board that coping is unethical

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