Plagiarism In Schools: The Pros And Cons Of Cheating In The Classroom

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The standard way of thinking about student ethics during the digital age is that individuals tend to think of it as either a negative or positive way. Cell phones in the classroom are often seen as more of a distraction rather than a helpful learning tool. However, there are more cons than pros to having technology in the classroom. The main reason that technology is a con in the classroom is due to students using their personal devices to cheat on tests, homework, and any other document. Jane Ma Hongyan, Guofang Wan, and Eric Long Yu explain in their article, Digital Cheating and Plagiarism in Schools, how cheating is not a new thing in schools, but the way students cheat now is way different from how it used to be, explain how it is not just high school students that plagiarize but college students as well, and why students choose to cheat. Cheating in the classroom has become more and more common through cellular devices and other technology and is among students of all grades. Students decide to cheat because they feel as if they cannot achieve within a brief period of time, meaning the students felt that their time limit was too short. Cheating and plagiarizing is a nationwide epidemic that can be found in most schools.…show more content…
According to Brad M. Maguth, “more than half of all teens that have text message, send over 50 text messages a day and more than one in three send more than 100 messages a day (Lenhart 2009).” Texting is a main form of communication throughout the young generation and can be found pretty much anywhere. Cheating can be found in text messaging as well by the students sending that students work to another student and that specific student can send the work to another student and it can lead to a train of plagiarized work. Text messaging is a effortless and an instantaneous way to cheat throughout the

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