Plagiarism In The Medical Field Essay

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The topic was given to me was “How does plagiarism affect the Medical Field?” Plagiarism is an illegal process in the Medical field. It can put you in jail for many years and mostly you may killed a patient by giving out the wrong prescription or the wrong information. The good medical writing should be clear, concise and an honestly idea. Medical people don’t want thief and kidnapers in the field, because they may cause trouble or something worse for the patient’s life. Now a days I think a lot of the teenagers wants everything easy and fast for them, they just copy and paste someone else’s work, put it on their paper and it may seems like they did it. But you don’t want to mess with the technology, because technology can also turned you in. We don’t know that.

Plagiarism is a most unethical practice in the medical writing. Plagiarism can appear in different ways, some may be subtle and may not be classified under medical misconduct. Others may be misappropriation and misconduct that will effect both ethical and legal classification. Plagiarism in the Medical field shows the physicians and the doctors the kind of person you are, you kidnap their work, and you also can be called a thief for stealing
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The first plagiarism is when you don’t used any of the works by copying it but using that persons idea as yours that is also an plagiarism works, second one this is when you plagiarize word by word same as copying and paste others idea and used it like it’s yours, and last but not the least this plagiarize refers to stealing one’s own work, this one is the controversy self-plagiarism amounts to the scientific misconduct. So these are the main bullets of plagiarism that is not allow in the medical field. I can cause a lot work in the field. Don’t messed in the real world, because they don’t take that kind of

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