Plains Natives-Personal Narrative

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“What if I cough and they all die?” Margo asked. We all stopped to consider the question, it seemed silly, but in the thousands of years since the stone age humans had adapted to tons of diseases. What if they coughed and killed all of us? I looked around at the foliage surrounding us and wondered how many of the seemingly beautiful plants could kill us. Most of the trees were foreign one resembled an apple tree, but fruit had to have evolved also. We were in a strange land, not eating the pizza I had been promised, and none of us were truly prepared for the journey. After a night of shivering in the cold, around a fire Kyle had been able to build due to ORC, we had realized that something was going to have to change. What had happened…show more content…
The teepees were not quite what the Plains Natives had, but they were close enough to suggest a nomadic life style. Scattered across the spot were fires and rigs holding dripping animals up by the back feet waiting for butchering. Men were bent over fires as children played at their feet. A woman walked in from the adjacent woods carrying a bow and grouse like animal. Together, we girls cackled, all evidence pointed to an Amazonian nation, a matriarchy. The guys groaned knowing we would hold it over their heads forever that they should be…show more content…
The others followed along. We called it plague, but Kyle throughout different possibilities for diseases, but it appeared that our diseases weakened them to their own, and it was the combination that brought death. The matriarchy was destroyed. We stayed with the ill accepting the blame and guilt, never catching anything ourselves. One of the women died two weeks in, and as her chest fell for the last time, Clark blurred and disappeared. As time went on he became harder and harder to remember without references to him. Margo was next, and finally Clark. We had created a time paradox by simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time. I decided to write this account in case some day someone can find and read it and stop us from going completing the circle of

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