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How to Plan a Birthday Party Birthday is one of the most cherished occasions in most people’s lives. Each year people usually organize parties to celebrate the day they were born. In fact, in the history of making, birthday has been reorganized and at least celebrated a couple of years after the birth of the child. Different people attach the different tag of value to birthdays. However, the celebrations held in most parts of the world have a striking resemblance in the lighting of candles, presentation of birthday cake, singing the birthday song and making merry. A good birthday party needs to follow some protocol and include some presents so that it becomes memorable in the life of the person celebrated. For a birthday party to be memorable,…show more content…
When the planners make their first move in choosing the theme for the birthday party, they should consider several parameters such as the age of the person, the hobbies and interests of the person. Taking such parameters into considerations is important because the person to be celebrated need to feel at home and that his or her best interests are taken to heart. The people coming for the party should also be put into consideration because they need to feel treasured and included in the plans. The theme chosen for the birthday party needs to be reflected in the decorations in the reception and in every room where the celebration takes place.
Secondly, the planners need to choose an appropriate song that is unique though carrying the same message “happy birthday” so that the person celebrated get to enjoy all his or her birthdays. Maintaining the same song each and every birthday results to a monotony that may make the person get bored of the celebration overtime (“How to Plan a Birthday Party,” n.d.). Choosing a beautiful song that all the guests can learn quickly and join in singing makes the celebration more enjoyable and memorable. In most cases people just sing the same song but make changes so that it sounds different every time it is

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