Plan Houston Strengths And Weaknesses

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The Plan Houston, the general plan has its strengths and weaknesses just like any other plans. Houston is the fourth largest city in America. Currently, in urban planning course, we are studying about comprehension plan. I learned from the course was that comprehension plans are blueprints for the city. It is odd that Houston does not have a general plan like other major urban cities. I think the city size of Houston will benefit from Plan Houston. Because it will help organize Houston’s issues, plans and goals for the future. Basically, Plan Houston will help support the City to improve public services to Houstonians. Also, Plan Houston can aid the city organize for projected population and urban growth. This plan will improve the management…show more content…
First, setting future goals for the city is beneficial for everybody. I believe an organized city most likely to continue being a prosperous city. The plan of Houston listed thirty-two goals which I think it can solve Houston’s issues. Also, Plan Houston organized into twelve core strategies. The purpose of these twelve core strategies are to meet the community’s goals and offer for the needs of all Houstonians. Plan Houston go into depth into the twelve strategies. One of strategies that caught my attention is “grow responsibly”, this strategy has the related goal of transportation. I believe that Houston needs more variety of transportation other than traveling with our cars. Citizen participation is one of the goals that Plan Houston tries to achieve. I think citizen participation will help to improve the local government for this city. The weakness that I took from Plan Houston is how we can come up with the money for all this projects since the last time I checked Houston is broke. Another weakness is that the City Council should have plan the general plan and somehow approve years ago. I afraid that the more population growth Houston gets the more land we need to keep up with the fast growth rate. If more people moves in Houston even a faster rate than now then Plan Houston will fail or do not meet the needs of the
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