Planet Of Slums Analysis

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The reading this week is by Mike Davis, and is titled Planet of Slums. Mike Davis creates an argument on how slums are a worldly issue that is spreading. Davis first begins his argument with statistics based on the monumental increase of population in all countries across the globe. He also uses examples of the increase of hypercities and megacities due to intensified urbanization in Mexico-city, Seoul-Injon, and New York. Which leads into the effects on the citizens, such as China and India, and the lack of proper housing and accommodations with such a rapidly growing population. Davis then goes into many statistics on the increase of GDP and population since 2000 globally, as well as examples of extreme urban growth in India and throughout Africa. In the second chapter, Davis focuses his argument on the prevalence of slums and the conditions that most slums worldwide contain. Davis also provides a compiled graph of the largest slum populations by country, some to name a few are: China, India, Turkey, Peru, USA, and Ethiopia. He also goes into three main themes to the increase of slums, inner city poverty, pirate urbanization, and invisible renters. To end his argument, Mike Davis provides examples of many communities of war victims and…show more content…
The most prevalent being From the Ruins of Empire by Pankaj Mishra and The Problematization of Poverty the Tale of Three Worlds and Development by Arturo Escobar. Both of these works have an argument based on the Western idea of poverty. These pieces discuss the foreign effects and ideas of poverty, as well as the forced action provided. While Planet of Slums argues on the prevalence of poor living situations throughout the globe and the lack of any sort of aid from foreign or local governments. All three writings focus on poverty and poor situations of living, but some find aid while others continue to increase rapidly all over the
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