Planet Of The Apes Character Analysis

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Power is having the possession of control, authority, or influence over others. In our lives power can have a positive effect or negative effect depending on how it is used. People are always wanting power and are willing to do almost anything to gain it; one can do a tremendous amount with that power, both good and bad. When one is hungry enough for power, he or she will become greedy and a multitude of problems can arise just like it had for Koba in the movie “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes”, a franchise of “Planet of the Apes”. “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” builds a satisfying movie through the theme of control and leadership which creates visual attraction and emotional characters. As one becomes addicted to having the power, we are…show more content…
In the movie, the apes’ emotion is out there and we can connect and understand reasons for what is happening. The movie shows both Caesar’s (ape leader) and Koba’s (ape close to Caesar) background. Caesar grew up living with a human and trusts them, while Koba grew up living in a cage being tested on by humans having “brutal flashbacks of his life” (Reyes p.3). Both lived in a human setting at one point but walked different paths. This creates how each character acts throughout the movie. The humans come into the apes’ world after an outbreak of a pandemic virus and Caesar wants them to leave so that peace can be between them. Unfortunately, for them the humans are in desperate need to get to the hydroelectric dam so that they can restore power to the city. Caesar gives them three days to do so, only if they surrender all the guns. Caesar already believes to trust them because of this past and helps the humans so that they can go back to how life was. Koba on the other hand remembers what the humans did to him and does not trust the humans. Emotions pour out when Koba says “Human work!”(Collura p.1) pointing to the scars on him. Koba is trying to explain that humans are not good and he feels that Caesar doesn’t understand. This leads to Koba believing that Caesar loves humans more than apes; which as Koba decides to dishonor Caesar, just as he believes Caesar did to him and take revenge. That scene also relates to people who want all the power, Koba takes charge and does what is needed to defeat all that stands in his way. Looking at both sides of the characters we are at a battle of our own going for Caesar but also understanding Koba because we do know where he comes from as Caesar does not. In the end, Koba is hanging over the edge of a tower by Caesar and Caesar knows that he is not suppose to kill ape, but believes that

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