Planned Parenthood And Abortion

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There are mixed reviews about the choice of Planned Parenthood. They have eight million activists, supporters, and donors nationwide (Who We Are, 2014). However, some people still have an issue with how strongly Planned Parenthood support contraception, or abortion. They believe that every woman should have access to the full range reproductive health care services, including access to and legal abortions (Our Issues: Where We Stand, 2015). It will forever be a controversial issue within the views of abortions, but as a social worker, realistically, we have to accept the fact that abortions could be an option for the clients we are seeing. They could have possibly been raped by a family member and choose not to have the baby, so then we would…show more content…
Using their views on the accessibility of birth control, Planned Parenthood has been educating teens in schools about being sexually active and the different Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) that students could put themselves at risk for (Who We Are, 2014). Teaching kids about sex in school as a mandatory course has some mixed reviews. Some parents think that is not ethical to bring intercourse to the thoughts of their children when they should be learning more from their core curriculums. On the other hand, teenagers are known to have sex regardless if it is to their parents knowledge or not and the parents find it okay to enlighten the child about this type of…show more content…
Planned Parenthood has allegedly been taking the tissues of aborted fetuses and profiting from it (Rettner, 2015). The prices of these fetus tissues ranged from $30 to $100, or enough to cover related expenses, such as transporting the tissue (Rettner, 2015). Tissue selling of the fetus has been an issue because: they come from babies that have been aborted, there are still quite a few people who are opposed to abortions, and in some instances the aborted baby is able to move their ligaments, such as arms and legs (Rettner, 2015). This is a fairly new case brought upon the Planned Parenthood Organization so details are limited. However, the organization does deny all allegations and assumptions about fetus tissue donations (Rettner,

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