Planned Parenthood Argumentative Essay

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Imagine your heart thudding against your chest and your stomach bubbling, as your hand clasps the cold metal door. You look up and read “Planned Parenthood” on the hanging sign. When walk in, you offer a fake smile to the clerk woman sitting at the desk. Discreetly you inform her you are there for your termination. She looks at you with eyes filled with despair as she gets up and slowly walks you into the examination room. You look around the room knowing that you will remember it for the rest of your life, this is the room you will have your abortion in. One in three women in America have experienced these feelings throughout their lifetime. Whether it be a 15-year old or a 40-year old woman; abortion happens. Women should have a choice if they want to terminate their pregnancy,the government or anyone else should not have a say on what happens with their bodies. Abortion is a very controversial topic in today 's…show more content…
Pro-Choice is the correct side to choose because a mother should be able to decide if this is the best thing to do for their child. Not all abortions are performed on capable mothers and or teenagers. “So sorry, fifteen-year-old girls who got drunk at a party, single mothers with all the kids they can handle and no money, mothers preoccupied with taking care of disabled children, students with just one more year to a degree, battered women, women who have lost their job or finally just landed a decent one, and forty-five-year-olds who have already raised their kids to adulthood, to say nothing of women who just don 't feel ready to be a mother, or maybe even don 't ever want to be a mother." (Abraham Laurie 4) This shows that pregnancy isn 't always a thing that is cherished and appreciated. Some women can not handle their “bundles of joy”. Women get abortions because they feel as if they are incapable of taking care of a child. If you were to take that option away from them that would raise many problems for the women and for our society as

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