Planned Parenthood Pros And Cons

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Planned Parenthood is a program that has been helping people pay for essential procedures without a large fee. It should continue to be covered by the government because of the immense help it has offered people for years. As well as the cost is being funded by Title X which is helping other healthcare organizations across the United States. Planned Parenthood, as well as a negative misconception, is that they only help with abortions. Planned Parenthood helps with anything like educating people about their health. Some of the other services Planned Parenthood offers are; Anemia Testing, Colon Cancer Screening, Diabetes Screening, Flu Vaccination, Rape Crisis Counseling Referrals, Routine Physical Exams, Smoking Cessation, Tetanus Vaccination,…show more content…
Title X’s main purpose is to help reduce healthcare cost. Planned Parenthood main purpose with using Title X is to help reduce patients cost if they need any assistance. Planned Parenthood looks at many aspects to determine if they are eligible for discount fees can they adjust the discounts according to what they need. With doing this Planned Parenthood doesn’t abuse the Title X help they receive. With using this method Planned Parenthood help many patients receive care at an affordable prove even if they have a low income. Planned Parenthood is always changing prices as well to have the most affordable prices for their patients since they don’t want to offer their patients extreme cost for procedures. Planned Parenthood as well offers help for patients with no information. They work directly with patients to make sure they receive the necessary procedures they need with the fees and discounts that fit them the…show more content…
They focus on sexual health but go into detail with the topic of having subtopics such as sexually transmitted diseases, contraception, and pregnancy. Many people and organizations believe that sex education is important since helping people prevent HIV and STDs has helped increase the empowerment against sexual violence. Planned Parenthood also offers to teach people personal skills this includes communication, negotiation, and decision-making. Many schools are said to not offer students the opportunities to learn these skills and that is why Planned Parenthood is stepping in. They as well help educate people on society and culture this talks about gender roles, diversity, and sexuality in the media. This is important because it helps educate people about their surroundings and how things are changing. They as well teach people what is going on so they can better learn about the community they live to better fit

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