Planned Parenthood: The Oppression Of Women

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How does this all relate to modern day issues? While the aforementioned essay within her book was not necessarily written all too long ago, feminism has changed and adapted to fit in with younger generations. As of right now feminism is currently quite the hot topic throughout the media in both western regions as well as more conservative regions. Oppression continues to remain hidden within “chivalrous” behaviors and ideals as presented by male dominated institutions that attempt to make decisions on behalf of women. Take for example, the war on Planned Parenthood and female healthcare. Currently, the women’s healthcare organization, Planned Parenthood has been within the eye of the media and the talk of the politicians for its practices, mainly concerning abortions procedures performed within these facilities. In order…show more content…
The following quote should hopefully secure the idea that oppression is still very much a prominent part of society that affects women, “We look silly, incompetent, weak, and generally contemptible” Frye writes, regarding the differences between female restrains and male restraints, “Our exercise of this discipline tends to low esteem and self-esteem. It does not benefit us. It fits in a network of behaviors through which we constantly announce to others our membership in a lower caste and our unwillingness and/or inability to defend our bodily or moral integrity” (16). In essence, this quote displays how women are mocked for attempting to develop their own independence. The mocking results in a lowered self-esteem, which prevents women from progressing by keeping women below the social standing of men. By doing such, women lose their rights and their ability to control the sanctity of their own bodies as well as their morals
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