Plano History

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About Plano The city of Plano is located in Collin County and is consider a part of the Dallas metroplex. Twenty miles northeast of downtown Dallas, a portion of Plano extends into Denton County. Home to nearly 300,000 people, the city of Plano is one of the most popular cities in Texas. In recent years, the city has become an affluant hub for many corporations, inclduing, Cinemark Theatres, Dell, Dr. Pepper, Frito-Lay, HP Enterprises, J.C. Penney, Pizza Hut, Rent-A-Center, and Toyota Motors. Plano History The first European settlers in the Plano area arrived to the region in the early 1840s. Plano grew quickly, aquring a gristmill, sawmill, and store. Soon, more pioneers made their way into the Plano region, attracted to the area 's…show more content…
By 1872, the Houston and Central Texas Railroad was compeleted. The additoon of the railline fueled further growth in the area. In 1873, Plano was incorporayed with a population nearing 500 people. The small town flourished over the coming decades. By 1900, the town had more than doubled its size, and by the middle of the 20th century, the city of Plano was flourishing. By 1980, the population of Plano had reached 72,000. During the 80s many nationanal and international coroporatiomns made Plano their home. Big name companies headqaurterd in Plano, include J.C. Penny and Frito-Lay. Plano 's explosive commerce during the 80s fueled further residential growth, and by 1990, Plano was home to more than 128,000 people. During the 90s, Plano recieved recognition for its supurb quality of life. In 1994, Plano was named an All-American City. During the new milleniumm, Plano 's population has grown to more than 220,000 people. Today, the city is one of the largest and most popular suburbs of Dallas. Life In plano The business friendly city of Plano is great at attracting businesses to the area. The community 's commitment to the corporate sector has ushered in a wave of prosperity for all Plano residents. The community is known for the wonderful quality of life it is able to offer its more than 200,000…show more content…
2015 - #9 Top Place to Settle Down by Leaf Filter North 2015 - named 2nd Best City for Families by WalletHub 2015 - named Downtown Plano as one of the four Great Neighborhoods by The American Planning Association (APA) 2015 - named 3rd in the Top 10 Small American Cities 2015 - Plano Parks and Recreation 2015 Gold Medal award winner for Excellence in Parks and Recreation by National Recreation and Parks Association (NRPA) 2015 - named one of the Top 100 places to Live by 2015 - named the 2nd in the up and coming housing market by 2015 - named the 4th hottest zip code for real estate in America by 2015 - recognized for having the country’s second-largest homes with a median home of 2,817 square feet by a study 2015 - ranks 1st out of 100 cities and earns an A+ for renter satisfaction in a Apartment List study 2015 - Second City in Texas that was awarded a 4-STAR Community Rating for Sustainability 2015 - named the Best City to Raise a Family in America by 2015 - Three of Dallas Fort Worth 's Top 10 Best Neighborhoods are

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