Plant Security Case Study

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Plant security:

1. Use the security department’s comments to identify control weaknesses and to develop recommended actions to correct these weaknesses. (mention at least a half dozen (6))
• No oversight and review, for example, past inventories comparing physical counts to the perpetual records have uncovered inventory shrinkage. Also, no controls exist to prevent outsiders or drivers from walking through the facility while waiting for their trucks to be loaded. Also, there is the random inspection of shipments are conducted only on a limited basis by the warehouse supervisor.
• Lack of physical and logical security, for example, an indoor work area is used to store pumps, motors, and other high dollar items for the engineering
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Inadequate security control would lead to unauthorized access, which then leads to loss, damage, theft of inventory. The physical verification of assets such as inventory counts would solve the inventory shrinkage problem. Also, they should verify each driver who walks through the facility and put surveillance cameras, locked doors and more security guards. The inspections of shipments should be done on a regular basis. The supervisor should verify and check all the products before shipment. The owners should get involved in everyday operations of the business that they tend to disregard performing basic review…show more content…
Hire more skilled, well trained employees such as security guards, department attendant for effective and efficient operations. To make it a secure place to work. For example, to avoid potential security risk when only one busy employee is in the warehouse Also, they should have kept several bulk items such as oil, grease, and other materials in an enclosed area.

Warehouse operations:

2. Review the auditor's findings and develop suggested corrective actions for management. (mention at least three (3))
• Conducting workplace inspections for example regularly conduct spot checks of the trucks' contents
• Monitoring of plant and equipment
• Consulting with staff
• Customer feedback

Receiving operations:

3. What major internal control weaknesses have resulted from the use of blanket purchase orders?
Fiscal reports perceive the blanket purchase order amount as a constraint which may make inaccurate budget remaining balance
4. What measures should be established to strengthen internal controls in the receiving function?
• The department was required to annually review and clarify all blanket purchase orders in use
• Properly verifying of receipt and checking quality of the product
• Minimizing errors, which can enable them to save money and ensure their
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