Plant Symbolism In A Raisin In The Sun

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Mama’s potted plant symbolizes many things, but the most prevalent is family. In Lorraine Hansberry’s play, A Raison in the Sun, Hansberry uses a plant to represent family. Just like any living thing, a plant needs to grow, to be watered, to be cultivated, and to be nurtured. Here are some examples of how Hansberry symbolizes family with a plant. To properly care for a plant you must watch over it as it grows and water it daily. In the play, Hansberry uses many ways to show growing and watering. Every day, Ruth makes breakfast for her family, as Mama waters her plant. After breakfast, everyone leaves to go and do their daily routines and at the end of the day everyone returns. As the plant grows, the more the stems droop, so Mama brings them back together and ties them with string to keep them strong. Mama cares for her family every day, as she does for her plant. To have a healthy plant with good roots, you must cultivate the soil.…show more content…
Mama watches over her family every day. In the play, when Ruth finds out that she is pregnant, Mama helps her. Mama doesn’t make Ruth panic, Mama just cares for her. In Act I, Travis needs 50 cents for school. Ruth tells him no, but Walter gives it to him along with another 50 cents for school. Later, Walter realizes that he needs the 50 cents. Walter gave up his money for his son. In order for the family to be nurturing, they must be understanding and be willing to step up for one another. There were some important examples of the plant signifying family. Lorraine Hansberry shows in many ways that it takes hard work to have a healthy plant or even a healthy family. She does a great job exemplifying family through Mama’s potted plant. Hansberry never fails to show the importance of Mama’s family. At the end of the play, in the very last lie, Hansberry show the importance of Mama’s plant, “The door opens and she comes back in, grabs her plant, and goes out for the last
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