Plant Uncertainties Lab Report

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This experiment contains both errors and limitations even though they were avoided whenever possible. Uncertainties are listed below. Identify Uncertainty Degree of Uncertainty Measure of water +/- .5 mL Measure of baking soda +/- .05 grams Measure of time +/- .5 seconds The same degree of uncertainty was added to each trial of each plant. This is because the same materials were used for each one. One limitation of the lab was the fact that the leaf disks of the plant Solanum lycopersicum were very thin. When creating a vacuum, some of the leaf disks would pop open because they were unable to handle the pressure they were put under. The leaf disks that broke open were unable to be used. One way to fix this problem is by creating less pressure.…show more content…
When punching out the leaf disks, the big veins were to be avoided, so that the leaf disks would have the same uniformity of cells. Cells that are in the veins have different purposes than the rest of the cells in the plant causing a slight difference in the anatomy. With some of the plants, it was hard to avoid the veins as they took up much of the plant. Another error to the lab is that fact that different factors affect photosynthesis. When testing the plants, it is unknown what factors are causing the plants to go through photosynthesis. Other biological influence could affect the plant and cause them to go through photosynthesis and then float. The trichomes could not be the only thing affecting photosynthesis. To avoid this error more than one plant with trichomes was tested and more than one plant without trichomes was tested. To fully avoid this error, many more plants should have been tested to see if trichomes really do have an effect. Errors were attempted to be avoided by completing trials of different plants. The different trials allowed for any errors in one to not matter in the whole experiment. When all the trails were averaged out much of the errors did not affect the average because not all of the errors were present for each

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