Plantar Fascia Essay

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The foot and its ligaments are described in an arch like triangular structure, also known as the truss. This includes the calcaneus, the midtarsal joint, and the metatarsals or the medial longitudinal arch, these three form the truss’s arch. The plantar fascia runs from the calcaneus to the phalanges and ties them to each other. As the individual travels on foot, whether it is running or walking, forces work its way down to the foot that start to flatten the medial longitudinal arch. As this happens, forces form the ground going up through the calcaneus and the metatarsal heads repeatedly happen a begin to create strain and pain in the plantar fascia. The focus of the project is on the Plantar Fasciitis in the sport of the Soccer or Football if you are on the European side of the world. The Plantar Fascia, which is where the condition is mostly focus on, is made of thick fibers called fibrous aponeuroses. When the individual preforms activities, the stress and the tension begins to take a toll on the area. In soccer, or football, this is a very common…show more content…
In soccer, there is so much running down, that in just 90 minutes of playing time, players can end a game with almost 10 miles of running and jogging. Age - When it comes to age, individuals who play soccer can develop the condition at any time. If they wear the proper shoes and be sure to wear them properly. Males and Females usually start their soccer careers in the youth academies by the age of 11 and can usually start there professional careers by the age of 16 or 17. By the time they reach the age of 30 to mid-30’s, the action starts to take a toll on the athlete. The most common age to be diagnosed with plantar fasciitis is between the ages of 40-60. This is just about right because most players usually end their career by the age of 35. There has even been a player that played to the age of 39 and is still playing to this

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