Plantar Fasciitis Persuasive Essay

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Are you planning to buy orthotics for your plantar fasciitis? We advise that you read and heed first these reminders from Dr. Andrew Ryals to prevent your injury from worsening. 1. Never undergo surgery – You should never have surgery for plantar fasciitis (PF) due to a simple reason, the process can weaken your foot. It can also predispose your foot to further PF at some point in the future. 2. Never undergo steroids injections – You should never have a cortisone injection into your foot because the process is usually done blind so you’re not really getting the treatment into the correct area. In addition, cortisone, an anti-inflammatory agent, only masks the symptoms. A diagnosis to find the root cause of the pain should be done instead…show more content…
Never take pain relievers and NSAIDs – Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and painkillers are pointless, because by the time you have PF it 's too late for them to be effective. 4. Never undergo X-Ray – You should never have an X-ray for your PF. You 'll just probably find a calcaneal spur, which believe me or not, is a perfectly common finding. Instead, you should opt to have a soft tissue scan ultrasound or MRI to determine the damaged structures in your feet. 5. Use only doctor-prescribed orthotics – Orthotics does help and should cure your PF. But they are written to a prescription, which is unique. You really need to understand first what is wrong with your foot before using a tailored orthotic to correct the dysfunction. Every structure in your foot has a job to do, if it fails, your foot fails. Understanding why it fails is the key to the cure. Wrong diagnosis leads to incorrectly prescribed orthotics that can only worsen your current foot condition. Instead of spending money for treatments that cost more with less certainty about outcomes, try first the conservative treatments like stretching and taping. They are fairly simple, cheap and can be done at home. But who is he and why should you heed his

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