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My entire life I’ve always loved gardening and growing indoor plants. I think it’s such a miracle that something so beautiful can evolve from being a tiny, little seed. The problem with growing flowers and plants is you don’t know what nutrients each type of plant needs. For example, I have a bamboo plant in my bedroom and it doesn’t even grow in soil. It grows in little pebbles with water. When I first got it the leaves started turning yellow because I wasn’t giving it the right type of water. As it turned out, bamboo plants are highly sensitive to salts and chemicals in regular tap water, and I discovered it needed distilled water. Although bamboo plants grow in rocks and soil, most plants grow in soil. But the question is what type of soil has the best nutrients for plants to grow in?
Throughout my research project I will be experimenting with two different types of soil, sterile potting soil and regular potting soil, to test my question of whether plants grow better in sterile potting soil or regular potting soil. My hypothesis is that plants will grow better in sterile potting soil.
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Plants go through a process called photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is the process in which water, carbon dioxide, and light create oxygen and glucose for plants to grow. Water and light go through light dependent reactions. In the light dependent reactions, ADP and NADP+ are converted into ATP and NADPH, which are energy carriers. The product of light dependent reactions is oxygen, which they release some into the air and use some for cellular respiration. In light independent reactions, also referred to as the Calvin Cycle, the ATP and NADPH created in the light dependent reactions are used to create glucose. With the glucose they produce, they transform it into energy, for growth, through cellular

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