Munich Plastic Surgery

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Dr. Luise Berger (Plastic & Aesthetic Surgery) in Munich, Germany
Whenever you are a considering plastic and aesthetic surgery treatment or procedure, your final outcome and recovery depends on how experienced, certified and skilled your plastic and aesthetic surgeon is. Dr Luise Berger is a board-certified plastic surgeon who has been providing plastic and aesthetic reconstructive surgery as well as non-surgical aesthetic procedures and treatments in the Munich, Germany for many years. Dr Luise Berger of the Plastic & Aesthetic Surgery in Munich Germany is highly regarded and sought after for her unique breast augmentation (breast enlargement with breast implants), breast implants revision, buttock augmentation with autologous fat, and Breast lift, breast reduction, Libiaplasty, and many other plastic surgery skills by a number of patients not only in Munich, Germany but all around the world due to her far reaching experience in the area of plastic and aesthetic surgery treatments and procedures in Munich, Germany.
At Dr. Luise Berger (Plastic & Aesthetic Surgery) clinic in Munich, Germany we take great pride in the high quality care we provide our patients. With a team of dedicated medical personnel, innovative plastic surgery tool and equipments, as well as several decades of experience in the area of plastic and
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These folds surround the woman’s vulva and since the female labium varies in texture and size, each doctor must determine the ideal amount of labia reduction. Labiaplasty offer two key benefits which include increased hygiene and symmetry; and it may also boost self-confidence in some patients. Additionally many labiaplasty patients of Dr. Luise Berger (Plastic & Aesthetic Surgery) in Munich, Germany report reaching orgasms faster after this surgery has been performed on

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