Plastic Bags Essay

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In province most of the citizens, they would prefer to burn those plastic bags. Plastic contains heavy metals and chemicals which can release harmful toxics that can affect not only us but especially in air and water. Burning plastic in incinerators discharges harmful overwhelming metals and chemicals. Incinerators deliver a mixed bag of poisonous releases to the air, water, and ground that are noteworthy wellsprings of influential poisons, including dioxin and other chlorinated natural aggravates that are well known for their harmful impacts on human well-being and the earth. (Lucon & Goldenberg, 2010) Huge numbers of these poisons enter the sustenance supply and get to be more thought as they climb through the evolved way of life. Notwithstanding…show more content…
Is it good when plastic bags are to be banned or not? As of 2011, Senator Loren Legarda has been authorized "Total Plastic Bag Ban Act of 2011" or its long title is "An act prohibiting the use of plastic bags in groceries, stores and other establishments, and providing penalties for violation thereof" (Legarda, n.d.) which there are at least 8 or more cities is being practiced. One of those cities is here in Calamba, some stores especially SM, Jollibee, Puregold etc. They use more of paper bags or eco-bags that has charge. Is it possible not to use plastic bags anymore? Yes! According to my research, statistically as of now there are 64% saying yes and 36 saying no. Some said YES because that’s for own sake and for the better living. Some said NO because nowadays eco-friendly bags has charged more and expensive than plastic bags and it is more convenient. (Should plastic bags be banned from grocery stores?, 2013) But did you ever think what we're suffering. Recently, back way in 2009 the Typhon Ondoy lashed the Metro Manila and in 2013 Typhon Yolanda which Visayas is the target. Believe it or not, one of the causes is those plastic bags that came from groceries, small stores, and especially in the wet market. (Makati City to ban use of plastic bags by June 20,
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