Plastic Ban Laws: The Pros And Cons Of Plastics

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When a person is in a shop, that person shall be asked to choose from plastic bag, echo bag or paper bag and he/she shall prefer plastic bag. Plastic bags are more convenient than paper bags in many ways. Plastic bags tend to last longer than papers especially when wet and multiple of things can be placed inside plastic bags. Plastics unconsciously are environmentally and humanly unfriendly, convenient but harsh. It seems ridiculous that plastics which are the ones that made a major part in people’s lives could do so much harm. Recycling plastics are not actually done by many nor done in noble ways, only a few percent of plastics are being recycled. Plastics are made from petroleum. Polyethylene is one of the most common plastic. Polyethylene…show more content…
Plastic Ban Law is now being executed in different places in the Philippines along the lines of Quezon City and the province of Batangas. This is an act prohibiting the use of plastic bags in restaurants, malls, groceries and establishments. Plastic Ban can prevent floods because of the main waste blocking the sewerage systems are reduced. With this law, plastic bags are eliminated which leads to fewer wastes and less pollution. This law enriches people’s resourcefulness for the reason that one alternative for plastic bags are paper bags. For stores that follow Plastic Ban Law not to spend more money in providing paper bags newspapers can be used as a paper bag and that promotes recycling. Papers are made from trees but this may lead to destruction of thousands of trees because of the demand on paper. Another alternative for plastics aside from paper bags are reusable bags. Reusable bags are made out of woven synthetic fibers, canvas or net and these can be used for years. Reusable bags don’t have chemicals that can be inhaled by humans nor can be the cause of death of animals. Since these bags are made by means of manpower, the field in making these shall be in demand and job opportunities in this particular field will develop. Bags like these can be washed in that way health safety is monitored and assured. Reusable bags can be folded and kept in a purse or different bag when not in use as well as plastic bags but plastic bags are only to be used at least twice because reusing plastic bags causes cross contamination of foods. Reusable bags are easier to carry than plastic bags than have a large probability of being ripped and these can be used in trips over the years. Plastics use raw materials and consume energy in production while on the other hand reusable bags are done by means of manpower and can also be done even at home. Reusable bags have become also one of the fashion trends in the present

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