Plastic Bottles Research Paper

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Plastic Wine/Beer Bottles

Description of the Product
One of the five ideas we have chosen to expand upon is plastic wine/beer bottles. These plastic bottles would be a substitute to the widely popular glass wine/beer bottles that are used today. Plastic bottles are cheaper to produce and are more durable than their glass counterparts. Plastic bottles would be ideal at large public events, such as sporting events as they do not break as easily nor in the same way as glass bottles. This would help to create a safer environment for people attending these events and would allow the organizers of these events to refrain from purchasing third party plastic drink cups. Plastic bottles would also be great for travelers as the plastic bottles weight less and are again more durable than glass bottles.
The wide spread introduction of plastic bottles would reduce costs for bottling companies as plastic bottles require less heat to mold and solidify than glass bottles. The lower weight of plastic bottles would also
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Glass bottles can be used as a weapon and can inflict significant injuries. This is known as glassing and it often takes place in public areas such as bars and clubs. Glassing common injuries include concussions, lacerations and broken bones. A study conducted by the emergency department of a South African hospital found that glass bottles accounted for 82.69% of glass related injuries at the hospital (Makgatho, 2015). Another report claims that there are more than 87000 glassing attacks per year in the UK (Dailymail, 2010). Counties such as Australia and the United Kingdom are forcing some businesses to refrain from issuing drinks in glass bottles after midnight. Plastic bottles will be more convenient for travelers as the bottles will be less likely to break while in the back of someone’s fully packed car or while being handled by luggage handlers at an

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