Essay On Pros And Cons Of Plastic

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Vansh Patel
Period 7

Cons of Plastic

Plastic though is useful for many ways, is rarely recycled properly causing damage nearby on land, in particular, with animals. Just like how plastic is bad for people if consumed by the human body, it’s the same with animals. Many animals see plastic bags and other plastic materials that were thrown out instead of recycled and assume it is food. They then attempt and digest this plastic, except they do not know the harms of eating plastic. When ingested, it can lead to the animal having severe internal injuries and/or choking. (Franeker, 2011). When fishing, we may not know it, but we could be potentially harming the fish. The fishing lines could cause blockage in the fish’s intestines and get caught in their limbs and cause dismemberment. (Johnson, 2009). And in most cases, these animals can not the help they need and end up suffering. These poor animals have to pay the price for humans producing and using plastic.

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When producing plastic, you need to have petroleum and natural gas. (Macklin, 2016). Petroleum and natural gas are both fossil fuels, meaning that when using they produce an excess of carbon dioxide. Too much carbon dioxide can have detrimental effects on the world including global warming and climate change. The usage of plastic emits between 100-500 million tons of CO2 every year. (Staley, 2009). We could reduce carbon dioxide emissions if we stopped the production of plastic as it would be much safer for the environment. The use of plastics can have major effects on our world, and we should stop using
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