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Plastic Granulator: An effective tool for recycling plastic

Plastic Granulator is a revolutionary machine that is often used for size reduction during the process of recycling plastic. Some plastic recycling processes may only involve simply breaking the plastic items such as bottles, films, crates into even sized ‘flakes’ or ‘regrinds’. Some other processes involve slightly complex procedures and additional steps such as size reduction, washing, separation, compression or molding. The Plastic Granulator easily handles resizing such plastic materials with equal ease and dexterity.

The Plastic Granulator has an overlapping mounting of static and rotary cutting knives connected at the output end shaft of a high speed motor. The plastic runs
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A combination of one or more factors is used for designing the machine and can use any of the three rotors depending upon the kind of load required to be shredded. Here are few of the factors to know when dealing with a Plastic Granulator Machine
• Motor Design Characteristics:
The motor characteristics are an essential factor to consider while designing the machine as its speed and strength of cut depends upon the type of plastic material being used. When using dense plastic materials for granulation such as hard plastics, a good combination of speed and torque is essential to provide both faster shredding and strength of cutting respectively. For softer plastics, a high speed motor can suffice the design, as strength required for cutting is lower.
• Size of Blades and materials used:
The size and strength of blades used is another important factor to consider while designing the Plastic Granulator. Supported with the characteristics of the motor, a good material used in the blade not only helps in increasing the load handling capacity, but also prevents early wear and tear of the blades due to daily use. In general, high quality knives are made from high-carbon, high-chromium D2 / SKD 11

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