Plastic Paradise The Great Pacific Garbage Patch Analysis

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Movie Review Plastic Paradise : The Great Pacific Garbage Patch Plastic Paradise : The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is a 2013 environment documentary movie directed by Angela Sun who love telling the stories about water. This times, she tells us the stories about how do the plastic product and garbage threaten our earth. Plastic Paradise : The Great Pacific Garbage Patch reminds human the serious issues of the highly consumption of plastic products. The movie opens with Angela Sun ask the people where do the plastic garbage finally go and what do the plastic make from. Nowadays, everywhere we go are surrounded by plastic. For example, we drink from it, eat from it. People from all walks of life depend on plastic so much as it is a cheap and convenient product. However, people do not know where do the plastic finally throw away. With highly consumption of plastic, it raises up various questions as mentioned above. In this documentary, Angela Sun would like to lead us to find out the answers of these thesis. In the major part of the movie, Angela Sun and other environmental activists go to different huge “garbage land” in the worldwide where do the global plastic trash concentrates in. As the marine stream system, the plastic garbage which from the global concentrate in some particular island. There are also so many shocking statistics about the amount of plastic garbage can showcase how serious are the problems are. Besides, she investigates how the substantial amount of
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