Plastic Pollution Essay

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I am a resident of this area, which I call my home. I am writing to you regarding the problem of plastics. I have seen several pieces of plastic waste, littered everywhere; roads, streets and even parks. Plastic is a substantial problem, especially for the environment, our health and for the health of the marine life. A research carried out by the Sea turtle conservancy showed that 100 million marine animals are killed every year due to plastic debris in the ocean around the world. This is a massive amount of innocent, marine animals to be killed every year, from as little as fish and sea horses, to massive whales. They are a non-profit organization who carries out missions in order to save turtles from extinction. Their studies are carried…show more content…
We can make our own decisions to do the right or wrong things, we pollute our own oceans, our businesses, companies litter our oceans. Some brands over load their customers and consumers with plastic packaging; I believe that one solution to reduce plastics in the ocean as well as the litter on land is to stop companies packaging their products with so much plastics such as bags; from personal experience I have seen countless amounts of plastic bags littered in the sea and our beaches at Barry Island, crisp packets, shopping bags from several super markets. The government can place regulations based around packaging in order to reduce the amount of littered packaging. Different materials can be used for packaging items, crisp packets are currently un-recycled in the UK, companies should make packaging that can be recycled in order to decrease the amount of landfills which pollute our environment; Fumes that come from landfills can cause respiratory problems such as asthma, it can lead tourists away due to the foul smells in the fumes. This can impact economies for towns, cities and even countries, some locations thrive from tourists, if tourists were to stop coming, that location’s main source of income is gone, that location’s economy will

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